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Interior design of a pharmacy


Not only product lines and technical furniture, but a complete range of products and services at the disposal of your pharmacy.


Every pharmacy is unique, as unique as the communication inside it needs to be in order to enhance it.


According to Th.Kohl, re-organizing the space of your pharmacy means setting up the success of your business. To achieve this, Th.Kohl has a tested method.

Pharmacy Signage Design

Different states, various demands, a incomparable know-how.Along the years we moved over country borders all around Europe, showing our ever updated and always developing know-how. Th.Kohl has affirmed its presence all around Europe with offices in Italy, France and Spain, putting also agents in Greece and Croatia: Individuals, the ethnicities and the lands we visit give us a very large vision of the world of pharmacies.

The reason why we lead

Our global perspective gives us the opportunity to catch trends, fashions and always new chances. That's what makes us a group. That's what makes us front runners.

The pharmacologist is our very first companion

At Th.Kohl we always begin from the pharmacist. We start from his or her expectations, inclinations and professional aims. We want to know all things regarding him or her: his activity, his clients, the area he works at. We do know that there's not just a man or a woman behind every single white coat, but a business owner as well.

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pharmacy signage design | retail pharmacy design


Th.kohl is the Italian leader in the interior design for the pharmacies field. With its long experience in the industry, which began way back in 1919, Th.kohl has always been very accurate in developing original and innovative projects which are capable of providing the perfect furnishing, layout and communication solutions for a constantly evolving industry as the pharmaceutical one.
Beyond it long experience, the company can praise many important collaborations with famous designers, like Antonio Citterio and Alberto Meda, and an incomparable attention to details and quality. Th.kohl, in fact, in order to respond in the most advanced and flexible way possible to the professional needs of a pharmacist, has decided to handle internally, in its Italian headquarter, the entire designing, production and realization processes.

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